What You Need to Know about Organ Chart Human Body

A chart for human body whether it is female or male can ease anyone who interested in learning about human body can easily find out its location mostly and any additional thing about the human organ. Speaking about the location of certain organ that is displayed through organ chart human body, then be sure you […]

System of the Body and Its Functions

When you decide to learn about the human anatomy then you might like to learn about the system of the body plus its functions. It will be helpful. Well. As we all know, there are many systems in our body they are as follows. First, the integurmentary system, it is the kind of system that […]

Learning Parts of a Human Body

If you are studying nature or medical science, you exactly have to learn parts of a human body and therefore, you are going to have anatomy of human body as your subject of college. Anatomy of human body is well known as the subject where you need to read and memorize the most since the […]

Human Body Part That Is Not Really Needed

Human body consists of micro and macro organs that basically needed. Imagine if you don’t have a heart, or if you don’t have lungs, can you really life? The human body part is actually important in our life, to make sure that human can live in a great way or at least normal way. But […]

Learning the Human Organ Map

If you happen to be the medical students or something related to it then of course you ought to learn about this thing. It is called the human organ map. It is the map of the human organ. In this map, you will find everything easily, from the external organ of your body to the […]

Human Anatomy Definition: Micro and Macro

The first thing that we have to know before we learn the human anatomy is human anatomy definition. Human Anatomy has already explained since we’re still in junior high school. It’s kind of amazing to know and explore our body, even though we can’t really see some parts or the inner organ of the body. […]

The Specific of Human Anatomy Woman

Human anatomy is many that can be found on the human anatomy man or human anatomy woman. Well in order to help you learn about this specific of the human anatomy for women then you should read this kind of article. Here, you will learn about the kinds of media in order to help you […]

Learn the Organs through Organ Anatomy Chart

When we are discussing the kinds of organ, then you will find out that there are some kinds of important organs that support the human body. They can be found inside the body or the outside the human body. You are going to need the organ anatomy chart to help you to figure out or […]

12 Kinds of the Human Body System

When we are talking about the human body system, then of course you are going to learn about 12 kinds of system that are in the human body. As we all know, these are very important for every medical student to know and understand it very well. They should know the name and also memorize […]

Male Anatomy Chart: Reproductive System

Everybody has a body which is composed of several complicated organ. Human anatomy can be in several part of your body. It can be external and also internal. External anatomy of human is usually similar, but internal anatomy is usually different, for example between woman and man. Everybody have to know well about male anatomy […]